Jesus Alone is Relevant

Jesus is relevant, and in him there is no irrelevance at all. Our assent to this is reflected in all of our actions. Our loyalty to Christ — our AMEN to his relevance — is found in our Sunday-choices and our Monday-behaviors.

Our view of Jesus is embedded in our daily acts. Our love of Christ is revealed in how we love what he has loved. Jesus was passionate that God would have a name-bearing people, and he died to create such a people, the Church (the Bible names her the Bride of Christ).

The Church, then, is where our love for Christ will be proved. Our love of Jesus is found in our love for what he has loved. What we value must be what he valued. Our affections must align with his affections. When we are at odds with him, we find ourselves thinking of his name-bearing people as irrelevant, secondary, or of little importance, and we seek relevance and value elsewhere.

Jesus is relevant, and he places his endorsement upon his people — those who gather to Worship him — and therefore his people are relevant. This relevance cannot be measured by the ungodly, for they fail to see God working where he is most active. The ungodly will never put a right valuation upon the Church and the authentic worship of Jesus (even if they can identify fakes, cheats, pretenders and false worship).

A church is a fake or pretender when the mission to glorify Jesus competes with lesser things or even good things, such as social agendas, liberal or conservative impulses, educational reforms, community activism, this-worldly sympathies or mundane earth-bound programs. Such a pretending Church has exchanged the glory of Christ for worldly gain.

The Bride of Christ is a Christian Church that revels in Jesus, finds him completely relevant, and enjoys his presence (even as the world is collapsing). The Church attaches little relevance to the Democratic Party and social change-agents, to fiscally conservative Republicans who want to preserve wealth, or to Libertarians who love self-rule. Our relevance is in Jesus: we exist for a Heavenly King and a Holy Politic–not so for the ungodly. This world is their glory. They fight for it with all the passion of a religious zealot. Chief of their sins is to miss the complete relevance of Christ Alone.

Jesus alone is relevant, and outside of him, there is no relevance.

Printed in the Oct 15th, 2008, Louisburg Herald.

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