The Prayer of Jabez

There is a little corner of the Bible that birthed a modern movement. The corner is 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 and the movement is the “Prayer of Jabez” movement.

My goal is to go through the original Hebrew of this prayer (which I will try to show that it is a vow and not a prayer) and use a knowledge of the ancient Near East to see if we can make sense of this text. I will be applying archaeological and historical knowledge to the relevant period of time and to the relevant texts. Of course, all of scripture points to Jesus. So I am primarily interested in showing how 1 Chronicles 4 relates to the New Testament and the redemption we have in Christ the Son of God.

This Friday at 6:30 is where I will flesh this out in greater detail. I have uploaded my Jabez paper from which the teaching outline flows. If you are coming to the Friday study, you may like to read through this ahead of time and see what questions you have and to carefully work through the different bits of data. For those not attending, this paper may be your chance to listen-in on the conversation at Eastside Church of the Cross.

I am often asked for electronic copies of studies and of sermons. This blog is proving useful for the transmission of such resources. Because of the volume of requests, I have sat and pondered: What is it that people are really looking for?

One answer I have come up with is this: People sincerely want to see how the Old Testament really and properly relates to Jesus. They are rightly suspicious of allegorical or forced interpretations, and they want verifiable answers. The goal in my teaching through Old Testament passages on Friday nights is to be a faithful student of Redemptive History and to carefully and honestly explore how each story fits within the larger story of Jesus. It can be done. I think that is also why going through the Song of Solomon (which we did last Friday night) is so provocative. The whole Bible matters! Taking those little corners or those hard to understand books and diving into them with a view to Christ is Christian. It is biblical. It is Christ-like. For it was Christ who told us that the Scriptures point to him.

Many would agree at this point. But the big question is, How? How do the Old Testament scriptures point to Jesus? How does the Song of Solomon or the Prayer of Jabez direct our attention to Jesus? How do these ancient Hebrew books direct us to the Christ in the way that God intended them to, and not in some contrived or allegorical fashion? We seek such answers as we work through the Bible.

So, download and enjoy the paper on the Vow of Jabez. And for those who can make it Friday night, see you then.


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