Pictorial Survey of the Bible

The link below takes you to a Microsoft Power Point presentation of the Bible. This pictorial survey of the Bible has gotten plenty of positive feedback — it is one of the best tools I have used in the ministry for training church members of all ages. Use it in your Sunday School or review it for your own edification — you won’t regret it.

One of my pastors, Buz McNutt created this presentation, and part of its beauty is its simplicity. It is my pleasure to pass it on to you! Click here to download the Pictorial Survey of the Bible in Power Point.

I have a modified version that I used, for OT only, with some adjustments to the wording,
Steve’s modified Pictorial Survey of the Old Testament.

After reviewing this material, students will be able to answer such questions as: What is the difference between Israel and Judah? Did Hosea write to the Northern or Southern kingdom? What is the relationship between Abraham, Issac and Jacob? Who came first, Abraham or Noah?

Tips on how to use the survey: I suggest you print off the main slide (pictured above) and ask the congregation to take 10 to 15 minutes to label each item. Also give them a clean version where they can write the correct answers. Let them see how much of the information they know. Then take them through the slide show. This educational method of immediate feedback is a great tool to reinforce new information. I can go through the whole thing in one hour. People love it!

Thanks to Dr. McNutt for serving the church with such a wonderful tool.

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  1. Doug Richey says:

    I remember this very helpful tool from our days at North Pointe…Thanks Steve for providing this link.