Nelson-Atkins Museum, Biblical Studies Tour Book

From time to time we take a group to the Nelson-Atkins Museum. It is an hour long tour of the ancient Near Easter section. Each person on the tour gets an exercise packet and tour booklet created just for this purpose. The 38-page booklet is available here: Download PDF Tour Booklet. I used to give out color copies, but that got expensive! If you’d like a bound color copy, feel free to email the PDF to Kinkos.

Topics: In the museum we read from Genesis, Isaiah, Esther, Nehemiah, Exodus and the Gospels. I teach kids (and adults) basic Egyptian hieroglyphs and we translate and identify signs right there on the tour. The most important aspect is that we explore the meaning of the story of redemption from Abraham to Jesus.

Ages: The tours are for any age, and I tend to tailor the presentation for the age level.

Dates: Saturdays

If you want me to take a group, I will be glad to. I have taken many: kids and adult, teens and Boy Scout troops, churches and math classes. I tend to give the tour on Saturdays.

Times: 10:30am, with lunch around noon (bring your lunch, we’ll eat outside together).

Cost: Admission to the museum is free.

Pens and Pictures: You may take photos (but no flash). No ink pens allowed in the museum. Pencils will be provided.

Contact Me: Email me at if you’d like to schedule a tour.

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