Looking under the hood of the Bible

Ancient Verse of Hebrew

You likely have an English Bible. The Bible, of course, was not written in English. So I have a few questions for you: 1) Who translated it? 2) Where did they get the manuscripts to translate? 3) What manuscripts are available to the translators?

I gave two presentations on the manuscripts behind the modern translations. The second one was on the Old Testament and was a sketch of the history of Hebrew writing and important inscriptions and manuscripts. Click here to watch that slide presentation.

Please note, you will want to enable the notes feature in the video so that you can read my notes which I read while giving the presentation. Also, please forgive the water mark on the bottom corner of each slide. I used a free tool to convert my Power Point to Flash.

By the way, this silver amulet to the left was found by Judith Hadley on a dig in Jerusalem. I worked under Judith at Megiddo. This find gives us a reading of Numbers 6 from the 8th century BC. Fantastic! Watch the slide show to see other similar data.


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