Dust of the Earth: Food of Demons

God formed man from the dust (afar, עָפָר) of the earth (Gen 2:7). And humans hated him for it. We tried him, found him guilty and attacked Him. And so man returns to dust. From dust [ עָפָר ] we were taken, and to dust [ עָפָר ] we return (Gen 3:19).

When God cursed Satan, he said that the Devil was consigned to eat dust — עָפָר (Gen 3:14). Demons consume humans. We, creatures of dust, are their food. The Devil and demons consume the man-creatures. Humans are the sustenance of Satan and his friends. We are their nourishment as they feast upon our souls. The demonic minions find energy in taking that which belongs to God.

But not all humans fuel the demons; some are captured for the worship of Christ. Some humans move beyond the curse, and are translated into the kingdom of light. Jesus takes the demonic dust and turns it into glory. Demon-food proves useful to the Great King. Jesus takes enemies and makes them friends. He captures dust for his glory, and raises up worshipers from ashes. He plunders Satan’s pantry, and nourishes his people with his own flesh (John 6:56). He makes his enemies to be his family, and he feeds them (Luke 14:15).

Christ is our food and we feast upon his flesh–flesh of a different kind, for this has passed from cross to glory, and so we feast upon the Spirit and the Word in His divinity (1 Peter 2:2, 2 Peter 1:4).

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