Q: I was raped…, Where is God?

Originally published in the 13 Oct 2010, Louisburg Journal newspaper.

Q. I was raped, and the man has not been punished. Where is God?

A. First of all, this issue is not foreign to Louisburg. I have been a pastor here for four years. And in that time, the number of women who have confided in me that they have been raped is more than I can count on two hands. This subject is a reality in our little county.

So I speak to the rapists living among us as much as I try to address your pain. Namely, the final chapter of your rape has not been written. God is going to resurrect the rapist, give him a lasting body, and eternally punish him in the flesh.

Jesus is clear: even the ungodly will be raised from the dead (John 5:28-29). The wicked will receive resurrection bodies fit for conscious, personal and eternal judgment. God’s justice may be delayed, but it is ultimate and coming; there will be no unpunished deeds (Acts 24:15; Rev 20:13). Those who use the flesh of others for their own advantage will receive back in their own flesh a just verdict and perfect punishment (Dan 12:2).

The real crime of a rapist is against God, and consists of entering into sacred territory to abuse the image of God. That is, he has used you, God’s image bearing abode, for evil. Rape is when one human sees the utility of another in terms of self-satisfying pleasures. But God has not made his image-bearing daughters for the pleasures of depraved men; He made them for the praise and worship of Jesus.

For that reason, the future justice of God is necessary, and is a source of comfort. God cares that the wicked have used his image-bearers for reckless lusts. He has not forgotten what happened to you. Condemnation may be delayed now, but it is coming. The wicked should fear the coming wrath of God, for he is not a blind God. He is present at every crime scene, and he sees and hears, for he is a living and caring God. The emotional pain you feel is real to Him–rooted in the fact that your body was not made for the dictates of the wicked, but for the worship of Christ. So look to Jesus.

Jesus, in the midst of tribulation, worshiped and served God. You were raped and Jesus was slain. It is the pattern. Evil men take other humans and do with them as they please. Therefore, identify with Jesus, the righteous one, who suffered for God’s glory. Wicked men punished him and put him in a tomb, but God raised him from the dead. Likewise, he will raise you up for His glory just as you turn to him in your tribulation.

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