Faith: A right view of Jesus

Faith is used one way on the street, another way in the Bible.

In the Bible, faith is not the belief that invisible things exist, but it is the right-seeing of Christ. In the Bible, faith is not generic but specific. It is about Jesus. Faith is a right view of Christ and his Kingdom. Once activated, that right view causes a chain-reaction on the inside. It causes war. We fight against our own internal visceral feelings because we see Jesus rightly–knowing that Christ is the judge of the intents of the heart.

Alas, our appetite battles to be satisfied, and itself must be battled. Faith does not come and pretend away our appetite, but it mobilizes us so that we assail it. Flamed emotions desire to spread to the limbs and become actions. In this struggle, faith does not prevail by presenting itself as a better object of our affections, but by war. The battle is unto death. We die daily. Flamed emotions are not tamed by satisfaction, but caged by faith. Faith sees that Jesus is the great King, coming with the scepter of his power.

In this battle, there are other kinds of faith (false kinds), just as there are false versions of Jesus, “For if someone comes preaching another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or another Gospel.. you might well bear with him.” The world is awash with rival ideas of faith and Jesus and Gospel. And the false ideas are all synonymous in that a false notion of faith is also a false idea of Jesus. The world is a sea of these false faiths.

Finding faith, in this way, is like finding water in the ocean. It’s everywhere, but not ingestible. Faith without works is a dead and poisonous thing, so that where the street-notion of faith abounds, death super-abounds. Faith that does not see Jesus rightly is a faith that does not work.

— For EKU and the Louisburg Herald, November, 2012

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