A Psalm of Praise

O Lord, infuse my attention with your wondrous power.
   Pin me low, not high.
Strike me continually until my vision is vivid; 
   with understanding of you, my God, my Savior.

My mind is a shallow tomb without your Holy purpose; 
   devised as your seat of honor.
Please grant me the faculty to worship you all of my days.

You alone define your servant, 
   your ideas are unmatched and your decrees are ultimate.
You say who I am and I obey.

You alone embed my passions 
   and you create in me zeal for your glory.
If I fail mark me for correction.

You outline my inner humanness 
   and rouse my mind with reality.
You chart my suffering and I praise you for it.

Your love finds me in great debt; 
   increase it and make me clean.
You terminate my last breath according to our Covenant 
    and govern the conclusion of my flesh.

The result of all souls is free from ungodly judgment 
    and you deliver each one according to your handiwork.
Your Holy name is etched on my heart forever.

I praise you forever more.
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