Modern Archaeological Attacks on David, the Bible and Christ

Many modern books are arguing for a lower date of Israel’s entrance into Canaan and a lower date of the arrival of the Sea Peoples into Canaan such that it is an overall downgrading of Biblical history (leaving very little untouched, and often making David’s reign a focal point of their attack). Two examples of such archaeological-authors are Eric Cline and Israel Finkelstein.

The following paper contains data that is in contradiction to Eric Cline’s book, 1177, and Israel Finkelstein’s, The Bible Unearthed. I believe that if a person is equipped with counter-arguments, it increases their ability to read specialized archaeological data critically. I also seek to make a case for the Christology that is at stake in false replies.

Download the PDF by this link, or read it with the flip-book reader below.

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