A Reappraisal of Nir Lalkin’s Reading of the So-Called Ramasses IV Scarab from Lachish

The PDF below contains a rebuttal to Nir Lalklin’s, “A Ramesses IV Scarab from Lachish”, Tel Aviv 31, 2004, 17-21. Lalklin’s article can be found here, on academia.edu.

My translation of the same scarab hieroglyphs reads the name Ramasses II (which I present in such a way so that a non-specialist can weigh the evidence). This reappraisal of the scarab is important because Lalkin’s reading of Ramasses IV is a critical piece of data for many of the archaeologists who advocate lowering the historical timeline of Old Testament events.

Click the following PDF link to access a reappraisal of Nir Lalkin’s reading of the Ramases scarab from Lachish. My article has the unfortunate title, “Israel’s United Monarchy: A Lower Chronology and New Views from Archaeology.” I do not advocate for a lower chronology, but rather I critique it (the title is unhelpful in stating clearly my position).

This article was published under Archaeology, Egyptian.

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