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askfirstviolet.jpgWe are making available information, pictures, data, programs and posting that are the fruit of labor, study, research and many late nights. This information is not available for commercial sites (sites which display advertisements). You cannot repost any of our work on another site except for quotes amounting to less than 1/2 of any given article, and never more than 500 words.

Why? A couple of reasons: First, we don’t want for-profit sites using this material for their own financial advantage. We suggest they redirect people to our site using hyper-links. We don’t want our work copied and displayed alongside other articles antithetical to what we are trying to achieve here. However, we may allow exceptions. Just ask (s t e v e . r i v e s @ g m a i l . c o m).

When you do quote from this site (or pull from the material), please provide a link back to the original article. This is fair to your readers who may want to know more, and it allows us to be read in context.

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